authentic american cuisine and a unique DINING experience!

Delightful times await you at Route 66 Diner and Trolley Cars.  In addition to our full service diner, we have a beautiful fleet of full service Trolley Catering Cars.

The spirit of Route 66 (the “Mother Road” of America) is easy for all to embrace.  Whether it’s the lure of adventure or the rekindling of family road trip memories, our lighthearted theme will charm all who come.

Our state of the art catering cars offer a variety of unique dining experiences.   We offer a wide range of breakfast, lunch & dinner catering (menu) options.

Each catering unit is uniquely designed and inspired by the people, places and tastes found along the Mother Road of America - Route 66!

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Route 66 Trolley

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catering and events


Route 66 Catering Cars are available for special events, weddings, private parties and gatherings. We are fully mobile and offer a full service kitchen. 

Send us an e-mail and let us know the date of your event, event type, guest count and proposed budget for food and beverage. We will work with you to create a custom catering menu to fit your budget and holiday theme! 

We service the entire State of Florida and offer velvet rope catering services for celebrities, movie studios, theme parks, large corporate clients and private party events. 

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We are based in (beautiful) Tampa Bay, Florida

Route 66 Diner Catering Menu Options

Box Lunches $10.95 (per person)

-        Basic Box Lunches- Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey or Ham on a Kaiser roll with American cheese & chips. 

-        (Roast Beef available with Chicken or Tuna Salad)

Deluxe Box Lunches $12.95 (per person)

-        Pile high sliced Prime Rib, cheddar cheese, red onion, horseradish mayo

-        Grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese, Pesto mayo

-        Roasted Turkey breast, provolone cheese

-        Off the bone Ham, Swiss cheese, whole grain mustard

-        Tarragon Chicken salad or Cranberry walnut plain chicken salad or Tuna salad

Salads $8.95 (per person)

-        Garden, Grilled Chicken Ceaser, Southwest Salad

Platters (Quoted)

-        Platters of sandwiches on rolls, wraps, and Artisan breads, hot platters are also available.

Backyard BBQ Menus

 Buffet (Option 1) ($12.95 per person)

-        Route 66 Gourmet Steak Burgers

-        Florida’s Best all Beef Hot Dogs

-        Choose two sides

 Buffet (Option 2) ($14.95 per person)

-        #1 buffet choices including ¼ Roasted Chicken or Pulled Pork

Buffet (Option 3) ($16.95 per person)

-        Qtr. bbq chicken & Route 66 Ribs served with baked beans, cornbread and choice of two sides

Buffet- (Option 4) ($21.95 per person)

-        Qtr. bbq chicken & Route 66 Ribs and Bourbon Pulled Pork served with baked beans, cornbread and choice of two sides

Buffet- (Option 5) ($24.95 per person)

-        Grilled marinated 10oz Ribeye steak and grilled marinated Boneless chicken breast served with baked beans, cornbread and choice of two sides

Buffet- (Option 6) ($26.95 per person)

-        Grilled seafood kabobs with Hawaiian sliced pork loin and Grilled 6oz marinated chicken breast served with a mango pineapple coleslaw and luau rice and a festive island salad

(Sides included in ALL Buffets)

        Sides                                                                                                  Salads                                                

-        Cowboy Bourbon BBQ Beans                                                      - Southern Style Potato

-        Corn on the Cob                                                                             - Pasta Salad

-        Mac n' Cheese                                                                                 - Macaroni Salad

-        Red Beans & Rice                                                                           - Cole Slaw

-        French Fries                                                                                     - Mango Pineapple Cole slaw

-        Corn Bread                                                                                      - Garden Salad

-        Southern Style Collard Greens


Prices are Per Person - Minimum of 25 people - Add Gratuity of 15% - Delivery Service Charge of $25.00